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Your Complete Roadmap on How to Transform Your DTC eCommerce Brand Into an 8-Figure Powerhouse.

By founders of industry-leading boutique eCommerce Growth Agency responsible for scaling some of the fastest growing eCommerce businesses in the world and generating over $200M+ in tracked sales.

 There Are Plenty of Courses on How to    Start a Store.  This Book is NOT IT. It Will Show You How to Transform Your Existing Traction Into a Real 8-Figure DTC Brand. 

 5 Stages On Your Path Towards 8-Figures. 
Each Filled With Their Own Challenges

Dear eCommerce builder,

Let's face it, there are thousands of "Gurus" teaching you how to start your own store.

But they all leave you alone on the most important step - transforming your idea into a booming eCommerce business.

Leaving you lost looking for the next step to growth and trying to figure out everything by yourself.

The reality is - true business growth is a complex topic involving:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Channels choices
  • Positioning and branding
  • Business systems
  • Cashflow management
  • Hiring, team culture forming
  • and many more challenges...

It's very hard to succeed at it without spending years learning by painful trial & error.

That's why we wrote this book.

The book we wish we had when we were just starting our journey.

If you ask why we decided to write this book - it's because we wanted to help people just like you change their lives.

3-4 years ago, we were nobodies from a relatively unknown Eastern European country Lithuania.

In these few years, we've been lucky and privilege to have completely overturned our lives and experienced things not everybody can:

  • Generating over $100M in sales.
  • Building one of the top industry-leading boutique eCommerce growth agencies.
  • Personally scaling some of the fastest growing eCommerce businesses in US and the world.
  • Working with some of the world's best entrepreneurs.

authors acknowledged as:

We Wrote the Book That Could Have Saved Us Years On  Our Journey to Scaling Some of the Fastest Growing DTC Brands in the World & Generating Over $100M+ 

Still Don't Have the eCommerce Engine? Get It Today!

This Book Will Revolutionize How You Approach eCommerce Growth &  Give You a Simple Step-by-Step Roadmap to Fast-Track Your Growth 

From Darius Kunca & Justin Gecevicius, 
Co-Founders of AdKings eCommerce Growth Agency
Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius, May 23

If You're  Not Making $10k to $800k a Month,  
This Book Is Not For You!

In This  354 Pages Book  You'll Learn:

How 8-figure eCommerce businesses are built from business structures to development and marketing strategies

Strategies & tactics that allowed us to generate over $100M and scale a multiple 8-figure businesses in just 3 years

5 evolution stages your business will need to go through in your journey towards 8-figures and beyond.

How your Mindset, Business Systems, and Marketing will need to evolve at each of the stages, to unlock your next level of business growth

Clarity and clear action steps to grow your business to the next level. No matter what level you're at right now on your journey to 8-figures.

Let us share with you the insights we’ve gained from growing a few dozens of successful 7 & 8-figure eCommerce stores, so you can do it too.

It’s all based on one simple idea.

What got you to $10k per month is not what will get you to $150k per month...

And what got you to $300k will not get you to $800k...

We open up about every detail to reveal a clear framework for you to go from one level of eCommerce growth to another, and to only stop whenever your vision meets reality.

Stage 0 (Foundation) From $0 to $10 000 a Month

We intentionally left out this phase-out of this book. This is where you're looking for product x market fit and to be honest, there are thousands of courses that teach you how to find and test the products.

Stage 1 (Finding the Spark) - From $10 000 to $150 000 a Month

This phase is all about finding your "spark" - a way to attract customers in a predictable and repeatable fashion, getting money flowing in, and preparing for the real action that is about to start.

Stage 2 (Upgrading the Engine) - From $150 000 to $300 000 a Month

This is the toughest phase for most entrepreneurs. 97% of entrepreneurs never pass it. You need to evolve and change pretty much everything about your business and thinking, plus figure out hiring, building team culture, and internal business operating processes.

Stage 3 (Pouring the Fuel) - From $300 000 to $800 000 a Month

This is where the real fun happens. You start increasing the complexity of all of your marketing and management activities. You introduce a lot of new channels and start rapid experimentation, A.K.A pouring as much fuel into the engine as possible.

Stage 4 (Recalibrating) - $800 000 a Month Plus

This will be another tough period in your journey. Your past processes will be breaking, not able to keep with the level of growth you are experiencing. The goals you had at the start will change with your new understanding and everything will require a second look.

 You Need to Evolve 3 Core Pillars  to Successfully Break Through Each Stage

Here Is Some of  the Gold You'll Find Inside: 

While This Book Won't Automatically Make You Successful,  It Will 10x Your Chances of Having a Thriving eCommerce Business In Record Time 

As a successful eCom owner, you know only work and consistent learning will give you the edge to conquer your market. And you also know that the right information can save you years and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on painful testing that leads nowhere.

We wrote this book with no holds barred to present you with the most effective and tested strategies for growing your eCommerce DTC brand. And it is your job to put in the work and implement everything you'll learn...

However, there's a difference. Now, when you get to the arduous everyday work, the confidence of knowing you're following the trail of eCommerce giants will be with you.

 It's Getting Harder & Harder to Catch Up With Experienced Players We Did All the Work for You So You Can Still Win Today

There is a problem in eCommerce no one is talking about: it’s getting harder to win in this industry by the day. 

Countless eCommerce businesses are born each day, and thousands die too. 

What makes those who succeed different? 

Sure, you can be a Dr. Dre or a Kylie Jenner and build a massive business leveraging your fame... 

Or a VC-funded store that can just burn cash and sustain losses until everyone else in the market crashes...

But how can a man or a woman on a mission have a thriving eCommerce business, without being famous nor having tons of money to fund one idea after another?

For us, we had the unfair advantage of working with multiple super successful businesses & entrepreneurs, yet we still had to:

...Spend 3 years giving our 120% to a team of 15-20 people

...Read 100's of books

...Spend Over $50 000 on consultants fees

...Perform 100 000's of tests ourselves

If You're Like Any Other Founder,  These Challenges Will Sound Familiar: 

I got to this point ($10k, $150k, $300k, or already at $800k per month), but how do I grow further? I'm lost between thousands of opportunities and things "I should test"...

Who should I hire at the current level of my business, how do I form the right team culture and free up my time?

How do I build business-supporting systems that prevent the collapse of my business growth when scaling? 

How do I create an unfair advantage against all my competitors, perfect my funnel and make sure my customers are buying repeated times?

How should I adapt my marketing to create a powerful brand, what channels should I introduce and, most importantly, when it's too early or too late to introduce specific ones?

Still Not Sure? We're So Confident You'll Love It That We'll Give You a  100-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

The core fundamental of business growth is the owner himself. 

To operate a business at 6, 7, 8 or 9-figures requires completely different levels of thinking.

To evolve a business into the next stage you need to first let go of the old way you used to do things and upgrade fundamental principles of how you think, operate, approach problems and lead a team.

Only by evolving yourself will you be able to grow your business.

Pillar #1 -  Your Mindset 
Evolution to Enable the Next Stage of Growth

Pillar #2 - Building of Business Systems  to Set a Strong Base for Scaling

When your business grows, its complexity will increase.

You'll need operations, customer support, hiring, finance, product dev., management system & processes in place to deal with this growth.

Failure here is the #1 reason why we see eCommerce businesses failing.

Pillar #3 - Leveling Up Your  Marketing Strategies & Tactics  for Explosive Growth

Once you have evolved your mindset and set up business systems to support your scale, you'll need to figure out what to do to enable rapid growth. 

Here come world-level marketing strategies and tactics: Channel choices and managing the complexity of omnichannel eCommerce.

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Order Your Copy Today

Order on Amazon Now πŸ‘‰Order on Amazon Now πŸ‘‰

Order Your Copy Today

Order on Amazon Now πŸ‘‰

One thing we want to address is that this book is not for complete beginners.

It will not tell you how to start a business.

But if you're already making $10k, $150k, $400k, or even over $800k per month, you will find a step-by-step roadmap on how to take your existing business to a completely different level.

We trust in our product 100%. For each purchase, we'll give you a no-questions-asked 100-day money-back guarantee! Just contact our staff at support@theecommerceengine.com

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The Pricing Rule That Allows You To Scale: Find out exactly how to price your product for paid acquisition - Page 60

Hiring an Agency vs Building an Internal Team: So you'll maximize every penny on your journey to growth - Page 72

The Importance of Planning, and How To Set A Vibrant Mission And Vision: This underlooked aspect will make sure you get exactly what you want out of your business - Page 110

The Marketing Method to Get from $10k Per Month to $150K, $300K, $800K and Beyond: Funnels, ad strategies, channels, communities...you'll find it all inside - Page 173

How SOP's, KPI's and OKR's Help You Level Up Your Operations and Team: And build systems that can withstand rapid growth - Page 79

What Percentage Should You Re-Invest Into Your Business for Maximum Growth: And how to balance that with the lifestyle that you want - Page 122

How to Swing Big Doors with Small Hinges: Average order value, Lifetime value and Conversion Rate optimization. Everything you need to exponentially grow your eCommerce business - Page 97

What a Ten Million Dollar Funnel Looks Like: And advanced tactics like community building, omnichannel marketing and perpetual product launches - Page 219

The Marketing Methods to Become a Household Name: PR, Influencers, Celebrities, Retail and Partnerships for the ultimate growth - Page 272

How To Have An Over $100M Exit: From deal structuring to outside capital and negotiation, discover what you need to finish at the top - Page 243

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